Green infrastructure

As West Suffolk continues to grow and develop we need to ensure that our green spaces and environment are protected. We do this by having a green infrastructure strategy.

This means that any development within West Suffolk has to consider the environment surrounding it - this includes the land, waterways and any wildlife. We also need to be aware that any new developments need to blend into or co exist in harmony with the existing landscape.

West Suffolk Local Plan - Green Infrastructure Strategy survey

West Suffolk Council is currently developing a green infrastructure strategy with the aim of guiding the planning of multifunctional green spaces within the district.


In order to ensure that this work is based on a robust understanding of local needs, we have carried out an online survey (now closed) to gather feedback from across the district on resident's views of their natural and semi-natural green spaces. the survey explores the views of residents on the quality and value of these spaces, including the most used and popular sites. We are also hoping to better understand the expectations of residents in regard to accessibility, for instance how far people are willing to travel to different sites.

To find out more about our green infrastructure strategy read: