Green infrastructure

Green infrastructure (GI) is "A network of multi-functional green and blue spaces and other natural features, urban and rural, which is capable of delivering a wide range of environmental, economic, health and wellbeing benefits for nature, climate, local and wider communities and prosperity". (National Planning Policy Framework 2023)

The West Suffolk Green Infrastructure Study sets out an approach to preserve, restore and enhance GI across the district. The overarching aim of GI within West Suffolk was defined as part of the study as 'An integrated, multifunctional and resilient network of natural and semi-natural green spaces which support West Suffolk's communities for the benefit of present and future generations.'

The first part of the study focuses on six themes which include nature recovery. Across these themes the key objectives, GI assets, key drivers (include the climate emergency) and emerging opportunities are explores. Priority areas, and opportunities for improvements are then identified and detailed.

To find out more about the green infrastructure in West Suffolk read the West Suffolk Green Infrastructure Study.

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