Breaches of planning permission (planning enforcement)

Breaches of planning permission can include:

  • building an extension or making alterations to a building without planning permission if it is needed
  • changing the use of a property without permission (such as running a business from a residential address)
  • failing to meet any conditions attached to planning permission
  • carrying out work that differs from the plans that were approved
  • putting up adverts without consent
  • removing or cutting back trees without permission if it is needed
  • carrying out unauthorised work on a listed building.

If you consider a breach in permission has occurred you can make a complaint

What happens with my complaint?

Once a complaint has been made, we will investigate by visiting the property or assessing its use if the complaint is about how the building is utilised. When our investigation is complete we would then decide whether planning permission would be granted if an application were made.

If it is likely that planning permission would be granted then we would encourage an application to be made. Any complaints or objections to the planning application will be considered. If however the subject of the breach decides not to apply for planning permission we may take formal action if it is in the public interest to do so.

What can I do if a complaint has been made about me?

If you have carried out work without planning permission we may consider giving you the opportunity to apply for retrospective planning permission. We would guide you through the process and would always encourage that you do apply for retrospective permission. Unauthorised building work to your property can result in difficulties in selling your house in the future.

If the breach is considerable and we feel permission would not be granted you would have to rectify the situation, this could mean reducing the size of an extension or pulling it down. If nothing is done about it, we would consider taking formal action.

For a complete overview of planning enforcement and what could happen if you do not comply with any enforcement notices, read: Planning enforcement overview

Planning Enforcement Register

The register holds information on the notices issued and served by the council which are available for inspection by the public, as prescribed by planning law.

Not all of the notices the council can serve under the law are required to be made available. Only enforcement notices, stop notices and breach of condition notices are required by law to be available for inspection by the public.

You can view an index of planning enforcement notices issued after 1 April 2019. To see the actual enforcement notice, please email to make an appointment.

Planning enforcement notices prior to 1 April 2019 can be viewed in paper format at the council offices.

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