What is planning permission?

Most alterations to your property will need planning permission. You can make some changes without planning permission; this is known as 'permitted development.' This section gives you more information about the planning process and what permission you may need:

What is the planning process?

Visit the government's Planning Portal for an explanation of how decisions are made and a flow chart of the overall planning process: Planning Portal - How decisions are made

Do I need planning permission?

Most alterations or extensions to your home will need householder planning permission. You may also need further approvals if you are proposing work within a conservation area, to a Listed Building or have any Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Use the Planning Portal links shown below to find out what you need planning permission for:

What are location and site plans and where can I get them?

A location plan shows the proposed building work in its surrounding context. A site plan (sometimes called a block plan) gives a more detailed plan of the building work. To apply for planning permission you will need to have both plans. You can buy your plans from the Planning Portal - Planning pages.

How much does planning permission cost?

Use the Planning Portal's fee calculator to find out costs: Planning Portal - Fee calculator

Can I get advice about planning permission?

We offer a pre application advice service, visit our Pre application advice page for more information.

What does it mean to 'discharge conditions'?

Planning permission may be granted but on the basis that you meet certain conditions. You will have to meet these conditions in order to 'discharge' them. All conditions have to be met before building work can progress. You can discharge a condition by completing the form called: 'application for approval of details reserved by condition' which can be found in the Planning Portal - Planning pages. We have eight weeks from the date of receiving the application in order to let you know if your application to discharge the conditions has been successful.

What is listed building consent?

If you plan to alter, extend or demolish a listed building you will need to apply for listed building consent. This also applies to any building work on structures within the grounds of a listed building. This is in addition to planning permission. For more information about listed buildings visit our Conservation pages

What is a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)?

A TPO protects certain trees, usually they are within a conservation area. You will need approval from the council to cut down or prune any tree that is protected by a TPO. For more information about TPOs and to find out if you live in a conservation area, read our Conservation pages

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