Planning agents

You may choose to use a Planning Agent to help you submit your planning application; this may be an architect or another appropriately experienced or qualified person. The local planning authority is unable to make recommendations on particular companies or individuals, but we are able to provide information from applications submitted by agents that may assist you in making your decision.

The information shown in the report below has been gathered from the previous 12 months' application submissions to the local planning authority (the report will be updated on a quarterly basis).

The report details the number of applications submitted and, of those, the number and percentage which were valid on receipt. Where an agent is shown to have 100% of applications 'valid on receipt', this means that they are submitting everything needed from the outset for the application to be registered, therefore avoiding unnecessary delays.

Please be aware that there are occasions where applications can be made invalid for reasons outside the control of an agent (such as a delay in payment of the application fee). You should discuss any concerns regarding this section with your chosen agent prior to appointment.

Please note, your choice of agent should not be solely based on this list and agents with lower submission numbers are likely to have larger percentage differences. We have also restricted the list of agents to those who have submitted five or more applications.