Business energy efficiency

Precision Marketing hosting West Suffolk Carbon Charter members and portfolio holder Cllr Alaric Pugh at event to help publicise West Suffolk business going greenGrowing green business

Your business will save money by improving energy efficiency, and managing environmental impacts could give you a competitive edge.

Carbon Trust research has shown that over 65 per cent of consumers think it's important to buy from environmentally responsible companies. Every business can improve energy efficiency, reduce waste, and reduce costs by considering

  • how resources are used
  • thinking through purchasing decisions and
  • using renewable sources

West Suffolk businesses have easy access to advice, support and funding for projects to improve their energy efficiency.

The West Suffolk Community Energy Plan is delivered directly by West Suffolk Council and through the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership. This partnership works with organisations across Suffolk to develop and deliver new programmes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also support local business, communities and households.


The first point of advice on energy efficiency and available grants is on the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership website Business Energy Efficiency Anglia

Suffolk Carbon Charter accreditation

If your business wants to take action and gain an external accreditation the Suffolk Carbon Charter is a respected, low cost option. The Suffolk Carbon Charter can help a business show that it has green credentials. This is based upon ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard, and established environmental management systems. Find out more about Accreditation schemes

For more information on energy efficiency, renewable energy and for advice about grants to improve energy efficiency contact

Other support and funding

Schemes currently available to West Suffolk business energy users include:

You can also see our Greener Business Grant Recipient Register - charities 

Please note, we are only able to award grants for projects replacing inefficient equipment and cannot award grants retrospectively.