The Abbey of St Edmund

The Abbey of St Edmund is the jewel in the heart of Bury St Edmunds. It was established in 1020 AD in honour of the Anglo Saxon King Edmund who was martyred in 869 AD. It is three times the area of the popular Abbey Gardens.

St Edmund and the Abbey are central to our understanding of the religious and historical importance of Bury St Edmunds not just nationally but internationally including its role as the birthplace of Magna Carta in establishing the freedoms that are now ingrained in modern democracy.

Reverend Canon Matthew Vernon, Chairman of the Heritage PartnershipThe ruins of the Benedictine Abbey of St Edmund between the River Lark and the present St Edmundsbury Cathedral will be the focus of the millennium celebrations of The Abbey of St Edmund in 2020 when residents and visitors will have the chance to discover more about its past, present and future.

The Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership which was set up in 2016 is led by St Edmundsbury Cathedral and West Suffolk Council in collaboration with nearly 20 other public, private and voluntary organisations. It held a 'Past, present and future' conference on 26 January 2019.

The Heritage Partnership commissioned two consultancy studies in 2017 with funding from Historic England and the borough council. The heritage assessment assembled all the historical and archaeological information for the first time and the conservation plan identified policies and potential projects for the future.

We have more information about the Abbey of St Edmund and its future together with the heritage assessment, conservation plan, recent news releases and other interesting information including the conference programme, feedback forms and a contact form, for comments about potential projects for the future.

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