Street trading and vending

Street trading is the selling of goods on any street, road or path that the public can access without payment. If you wish to street trade you will need permission from the licensing authority. The licensing authority is usually the council where you want to trade. If you do not know who that it, visit GOV.UK - Find your local council

A street trader is not the same as a pedlar. You will need a pedlar's licence to trade as one. For more information and how to apply for a pedlar's licence, visit: Ask the Police - What is a Pedlar Certificate and how do I get one?

If you want to put tables and chairs or other temporary furniture on the pavement, you may need permission. You will need a vending permit from the local licensing authority if you want to provide tables and chairs in order to:

To find out more about regulations in our area and to apply, click on the relevant link below:

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