Environmental permits

You will need to obtain an environmental permit if you operate an installation (or mobile plant) that carries out a listed activity, as defined in the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016.

Listed activities include:

  • chemicals – manufacturing chemicals, pharmaceuticals or explosives, storing chemicals in bulk
  • energy – burning fuel, gasification, liquefaction and refining activities
  • metals – manufacturing and processing metals
  • minerals – manufacturing lime, cement, or glass
  • solvents – using solvents
  • waste – incinerating waste, operating landfills, recovering waste
  • other – manufacturing paper, pulp and board, treating timber products, coating, treating textiles and printing, manufacturing new tyres, intensive pig and poultry farming.

Listed activities are divided into three categories:

  • Part A (1) installations are regulated by the Environment Agency.
  • Part A (2) are for sectors regulated under integrated pollution prevention and control, known as Local Authority Industrial Pollution Prevention and Control (LA-IPPC). These may contain conditions relating to water, noise and odour, in addition to emission to air. Regulated by the local authority.
  • Part B permits control activities which cause emissions to air. Known as Local Air Pollution Prevention and Control (LAPPC), regulated by the local authority.

Waste operations, or waste mobile plant carried on other than at an installation or by Part A or B mobile plants, are regulated by the Environment Agency. Mining waste operations are regulated by the Environment Agency.

How do I apply?

Application forms for Part A(2) and Part B processes can be requested from the council. The completed form must be returned, with the appropriate Environmental permit application fee, to us. Definitions of qualifying processes and installations are not always straight forward. You are strongly advised to seek advice from us prior to completing and application to ensure time, effort and money is not wasted.

Applications for Part A(1) installations are dealt with by the Environment Agency.

How will my application be evaluated?

The authority will take regard to the protection of the environment as a whole in particular preventing or where practicable, reducing emissions into the air, water and land. We may inform the public of the application and must consider any representations, as detailed in the Defra guidance.

Public register

We hold records of permitted installations in the districts. Please contact us for a list of permitted sites, or to request information relating to a specific site.

Public notices

Chapmans (UK) Limited - Public notice - application for an environmental permit at Knettishall Airfield Hanger

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