West Suffolk Council by-election results 6 May 2021

Results of the West Suffolk Council by-elections held on 6 May 2021 were published here after the results had been declared at the count on Monday 10 May 2021.


Candidate Party Votes
GODBER Cheryl Lynn Labour Party 279
WAKELAM Julia Green Party Elected 751
WISEMAN Nick Conservative Party Candidate 606
Abbeygate declaration of results    

Clare, Hundon and Kedington

Candidate Party Votes
CLARKE Nick The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,814
ROGERS Kerry Louise Labour Party 697
Clare, Hundon and Kedington declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
BRITTON Layla Labour Party 119
CHANDLER David Independent 64
KELLY Gerald Adrian Independent 434
NOBLE Colin Lawrence Bennett Conservative Party Candidate Elected 573
Lakenheath declaration of results    

Moreton Hall

Candidate Party Votes
BOUCHÉ Cyrille Pierre Labour Party 495
MAGER Birgitte Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,098
THOMAS Barry Leighten Independent 496
Moreton Hall declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
DEXTER-MILLS Chris Green Party 186
KORFANTY Helen Wanda Liberal Democrat 148
O`DRISCOLL Richard John Labour Party 251
STAMP Sarah Conservative Party Candidate Elected 814
Southgate declaration of results    

Whepstead and Wickhambrook

Candidate Party Votes
DAVIES Robin Howell Labour Party 142
MARTIN Vicki Green Party 137
PUGH Sarah Louise Conservative Party Candidate Elected 645
Whepstead and Wickhambrook declaration of results