Meetings and committee structures

If you are a regular visitor to these pages or viewer of our meetings, you may find it helpful to know all of our publicly accessible committee agendas are available on the free app available on mobile devices (phones and tablets). This can be downloaded via the app store, google play and the Microsoft store. Once installed simply select West Suffolk Council and then the committees you are interested in and you will be able to access the committee pages.

If you wish to view papers in relation to Suffolk Public Sector Leaders Group, which is administered by Suffolk County Council visit: Suffolk County Council website - Suffolk Public Sector Leaders Group.


Please note that all information related to committees and councillors is contained within our system. We work to ensure that all content on is compliant with accessibility standards, however we know that there is some information that is not fully accessible. For example, some of the information we have to present to committees comes from third party sources who do not have to comply with the same standards.

In addition, the records in relation to the former Forest Heath District Council, St Edmundsbury Borough Council and the West Suffolk Shadow Council are retained on our website to enable the public to view these documents, but as they are considered historic archives they have not been redeveloped to ensure compliance with accessibility standards.

If you require any committee records that are not available in a fully accessible format at present then please contact and we will endeavour to supply you with a copy in the format you require.

If you would like to know more about the council's compliance with accessibility standards generally then please read our accessibility statement

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