8. Lark and Linnet Riverside


The Lark, the Linnet and associated river meadows are an important asset providing ecological and wildlife interest, opportunities for walking and informal recreation, as well as quieter and more peaceful areas away from the bustle of the main town centre. In addition, the water meadows are important in terms of natural and sustainable flood alleviation. The Abbey Gardens and the Great Churchyard are also closely related to the riverside areas. There is a significant opportunity to enhance awareness of these areas and better connect them together, making them a better known resource as well as a setting for the town centre.

Project leads

Borough council, county council, and the Abbey of St Edmund Heritage partnership working with local landowners and local interest groups.



Improve the character and quality of existing links between the town centre and the Lark and the Linnet. Expand and enhance riverside pathways past the town centre towards Moreton Hall and the Leg of Mutton.


Promote the informal recreation, health and wellbeing benefits associated with exercise and the natural environment.


Improve awareness of town centre pedestrian and cycle routes that include the riverside areas.


  • Expansion of the Abbey Gardens into Eastgate Nursery providing easier access between Ram Meadow, Abbey Gardens, The Crankles and No Man’s Meadows.
  • Improve links and signage between the Abbey Gardens and Ram Meadow by making them clearer.
  • Better promote the natural environment with sensitive development within the area.
  • Where development or redevelopment is being considered adjoining or close to the riverside areas to ensure public access and flood management is provided and development frontages overlook the river to make it a safer and more attractive environment.

Meeting MAP objectives

Aspirations at Lark and Linnet riverside will contribute to meeting MAP objectives 4, 7, and 8.