Commercial recycling services

Commercial Waste recycling services

Every business creates waste, it's what you do with it that's important. We offer a breadth of general waste disposal and recycling options to ensure that your business does its bit for the environment. We can arrange to collect your general waste and recycling as frequently as you need in some areas. Call us today to discuss a package tailored for you.

General waste

As a local authority run service, we're exempt from pre-treatment regulations. As our customer, you will be too. Although we would always encourage your business to recycle where it can, we appreciate that sometimes it isn't always practical.

Our flexible service means that we can work out a schedule to meet your individual needs - our waste crews are on the road six days a week. There's no strict timetable, it's all about what's best for your business.

We can provide bins in various sizes from 240 litres to 1280 litres to handle all of your non-recyclable materials none of which we would take to landfill as all of this material is taken to the county council owned Energy from Waste facility to be turned into electricity.

Dry recycling

We can provide bins in various sizes from 240 litres to 1280 litres.

Contents of dry recycling include:

  • all paper (not shredded)
  • cardboard (although this is also offered as a separate collection for high volumes)
  • aluminium and steel containers
  • recyclable plastics.


We collect larger volumes of cardboard separately where convenient to be processed at our own facility and then sent on to be recycled.

Glass recycling

Our glass bins are 240 litres or 360 litres and we can collect these on a weekly basis in some areas.

Compostable waste

Our compostable waste bins are 240 litres.

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