Workplace health and safety

Health and safety inspections

Ensuring workplace health and safety standards are met is the joint responsibility of West Suffolk's business regulation and licensing service and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) 

Our council will inspect health and safety in:

  • shops
  • warehouses
  • offices
  • hotels
  • catering
  • sports and leisure facilities
  • consumer services (such as laundrettes, hairdressers, tyre and exhaust fitters)
  • residential care homes 
  • churches

We aim to prevent workplace accidents and illness by:

  • inspecting workplaces and enforcing health and safety law
  • investigating accidents, dangerous occurrences and occupational ill health
  • following up on complaints made about working conditions or practices
  • providing advice and information on health and safety in the workplace
  • promoting relevant local and national health and safety topics

The Health and Safety Executive mainly cover industrial activities such as:

  • factories
  • building sites
  • mines and quarries
  • agriculture
  • railways
  • chemical plants
  • offshore and nuclear installations
  • fairgrounds

Complaints about health and safety regulatory advice

An 'Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel' investigates any issues that have been raised, such as if it's felt that a local authority or health and safety inspector has given incorrect or disproportionate advice. The panel is not able to look at issues where other appeals processes exist such as enforcement notices or prosecutions. For more information, visit: HSE, Independent Regulatory Challenge Panel.

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