Current consultations and engagement

We proactively seek input from people with an interest in a decision or proposed course of action by the council through engagement and consultation. This is not a democratic process but it is used to inform decision makers about what people think about a decision and its likely impact.

West Suffolk Council surveys - How we use your information

What information do you collect about me?

When we are developing or reviewing a policy, we consult with the public and other stakeholders through online surveys. We do not ask for any personal information from you in our surveys, unless you are providing views on behalf of an organisation, in which case we may ask for your name and job title. We sometimes ask for the first five digits of your postcode so that we can analyse survey results by geographical areas. We may also ask questions for equality monitoring purposes, however this information cannot be traced back to an individual.

How do you handle the information you collect?

All survey responses and equality monitoring information will be processed in accordance with the council's data protection, information security and records retention policies and will only be used by us for the consultation process.

More information on how we use your information

Find out more and take part in our current consultations and engagement surveys

Hargrave Neighbourhood Plan Review submission draft (Regulation 16) consultation

Open until 12 July 2024
Audience: Public, land owners, businesses

Freckenham Neighbourhood Plan Submission Draft (Regulation 16) consultation

Open until 26 July 2024
Audience: public, landowners, businesses

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