Recently closed consultations

We seek input from people with an interest in a decision or proposed course of action by the councils. Consultation is not a democratic process; it is used to inform decision makers about what people think about a decision and its likely impact.

Find out more about our past consultations:

Studland Park Electric Vehicle (EV) Consultation

Closed on 7 March 2023
Audience: Residents

Consultation on the draft development Brief for the land known as the Triangle Site, Great Barton

Closed on 28 January 2023
Audience: Local residents, businesses, statutory stakeholders including parish council, education providers, NHS.

Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places 2022

Closed on 27 January 2023
Audience: Electors and other interested persons and bodies, including elected representatives and those with expertise in relation to access to premises or facilities for disabled people.

Proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2023-24

Closed on 18 November 2022
Audience: Council Tax payers, advice and advocacy organisations, registered providers, recipients of local Council Tax support, parish councils, public sector partners

West Suffolk Local Plan Preferred Options

Closed on 26 July 2022
Audience: Everyone

Statement of Licensing Policy consultation June 2022

Closed on 22 July 2022
Audience: Licensees, parish and town councils, Suffolk Constabulary, ward councillors,

Community Governance Review 2021-22

Closed on 30 June 2022

West Suffolk taxi policy consultation 2022

Closed on 18 May 2022
Audience: Key stakeholders (taxi drivers (both private hire and hackney carriage vehicles), license-holders operators), parish and town councils, community and charity groups (especially disability groups), businesses and business representatives (Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and Chamber