Proposed changes to Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme

Audience: Public sector partners, third sector organisations, registered providers, recipients of council tax support

This consultation is now closed. It was open from 15 October 2019 to 12 November 2019.

West Suffolk Council is proposing a change to its Local Council Tax Reduction Scheme. If implemented, this would mean people also claiming Universal Credit would have more certainty about their Council Tax payments as they would only see changes if their income changed by more than a fixed amount - for example £15 a week or £65 in a month.

This consultation is open from Tuesday 15 October to Tuesday 12 November. Feedback will then be considered before a final proposal is considered by councillors in early 2020.

If agreed, the change would come into effect from April 2020. The proposed change would not apply to people who have reached state pension age or are not on Universal Credit. Changes in income of greater than the fixed amount or that are permanent (for example, on termination of employment) would be processed as usual. There would also be discretion to reassess entitlement where a reduction in earnings occurs and it is clear that this level of earnings is likely to continue at the lower level.

Further background and a short survey requesting your views on the changes is available.