Suffolk County Council election results 6 May 2021

The Suffolk County Council election 6 May 2021 results were published here after the results were declared at the count on Friday 7 May 2021.


Candidate Party Votes
BAILEY John Richard Labour Party 469
LAKIN Warren Gary The Green Party 534
SPICER Joanna Grizelda The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 2,421
Blackbourn declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
DEAN Susan Mary Labour Party 298
LUKANIUK Victor Casimir West Suffolk Independents Elected 808
MASON Christine Anne The Conservative Party Candidate 766
TANNER William Jonathan The Green Party 101
Brandon declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
BELL Julius John Weldo The Green Party 642
BENNETT Bobby The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 2,322
ROGERS Kerry Louise Labour Party 704
Clare declaration of results    

Eastgate and Moreton Hall

Candidate Party Votes
ALLCOCKS Lorraine Labour Party 378
BECKWITH Trevor Independent 788
LINEHAN Daniel Robert Liberal Democrat 84
LIVSEY Jessica Mari Green Party 266
THOMPSON Peter The Conservative Party Candidate  Elected 973
WARBY Frank Independent 266
Eastgate and Moreton Hall declaration of results    

Exning and Newmarket

Candidate Party Votes
HOOD Rachel Dene Serena The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,025
O'NEILL Chris West Suffolk Independent 683
WARREN Craig Thomas Labour Party 579
WHEELER Carrie Green Party 227
Exning and Newmarket declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
DEXTER-MILLS Chris Green Party 350
KORFANTY Helen Wanda Liberal Democrat 329
MACPHERSON James Donald Arthur Labour Party 448
ROUT Richard Raydon Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,806
Hardwick declaration of results    

Haverhill Cangle

Candidate Party Votes
FORSDYKE Nicola Louise Green Party 301
FOX Paula Carol Sharon Independent 411
LEATHERS Mandy Linda Green Party 276
LUCCARINI Aaron Julian Independent 467
MASON Joe Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,994
PAYNE David Charles Liberal Democrat 189
SMITH David Malcolm Labour Party 869
SMITH Liz Labour Party 864
SOWA Heike Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,429
Haverhill Cangle declaration of results    

Haverhill East and Kedington

Candidate Party Votes
DAVIDSON Bruce Independent 247
MYNOTT Roger Jeremy Green Party 167
PAGE Damian Peter Labour Party 469
ROACH David James The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,188
Haverhill East and Kedington declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
AVISON Ben Joseph George Liberal Democrat 60
BLOMFIELD Jack Michael Ellis Green Party 151
CHANDLER David Independent 163
FINN Patrick Labour Party 271
NEAL Andy Independent 855
STANBURY Lance George Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,004
Mildenhall declaration of results    

Newmarket and Red Lodge

Candidate Party Votes
APPLEBY Andrew Jeffery West Suffolk Independent 468
DRUMMOND Andy The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,232
MORSE Simon Richard The Green Party 219
PINSKER Robert Bruce Liberal Democrat 210
SWALLOW Christopher James Maurice Labour Party 497
Newmarket and Red Lodge declaration of results    

Row Heath

Candidate Party Votes
CHIPULINA Theresa Louise Labour Party 387
NOBLE Colin Lawrence Bennett Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,620
UNWIN Claire Green Party 305
WALDRON Don Independent 369
Row Heath declaration of results    

Thingoe North

Candidate Party Votes
CHAPMAN Ian Robert Liberal Democrat 229
HOPFENSPERGER Beccy Conservative Party Candidate Elected 1,961
INGWALL KING Oliver George Green Party 369
PARKER Katie Labour Party 471
Thingoe North declaration of results    

Thingoe South

Candidate Party Votes
BROOKS Libby Liberal Democrat 230
DAVIES Robin Howell Labour Party 470
MARTIN Vicki Green Party 467
SOONS Karen The Conservative Party Candidate Elected 2,192
Thingoe South declaration of results    


Candidate Party Votes
EVERITT Robert Dale Conservative Party Candidate Elected 2,277
HIGGINS Donna Elizabeth Labour Party 1,409
HOLLAND Steph Green Party 1,993
NETTLETON David Conservative Party Candidate Elected 2,104
POULSON David John Liberal Democrat 269
ROWE Matthew Stuart Green Party 1,489
SAYER Marilyn Anne Labour Party 830
STENNETT Frank Independent 691
TURNER Darren Alan Communist Party of Britain 120
Tower declaration of results    

Suffolk County Council election results