Suffolk County Council election results 4 May 2017

The By-election results and the Suffolk County Council election results were published here on 5 May, after the results had been declared.

Suffolk County Council election results - 4 May 2017

Electoral division Candidate Party Votes
Blackbourn BOUCHÉ Cyrille Pierre Labour 568
SPICER Joanna Grizelda Conservative 2532 Elected
Turnout 38.74%
Blackbourn declaration of results
Brandon DEAN Susan Mary Labour 242

FROST Stephen Peter

Conservative 562

LUKANIUK Victor Casimir

West Suffolk Independents 937 Elected
Turnout 29.6%
Brandon declaration of results
Clare DAVIES Robin Labour 355
EVANS Mary Conservative 2445 Elected
LETTEN Stuart UKIP 315
ROLPH Alex Liberal Democrat 545
Turnout 42.06%
Clare declaration of results
Eastgate and Moreton Hall BECKWITH Trevor Independent 1050 Elected
LALE Chris Liberal Democrat 255
THOMPSON Peter Conservative 924
ZWANDAHL Elle Labour 308
Turnout 35.09%
Eastgate and Moreton Hall declaration of results
Exning and Newmarket COLE Simon West suffolk Independents 561
HOOD Rachel Conservative 909 Elected
Hudson Dave UKIP 252
Jefferys Michael John Labour 585
REDBOND Martin Liberal Democrat 136
Turnout 31.22%
Exning and Newmarket declaration of results
Hardwick IANNELLI-POPHAM Nicola Labour 463
KORFANTY Helen Liberal Democrat 470
RAE Sara Green 224
ROUT Richard Raydon Conservative 1645 Elected
Turnout 41.94%
Hardwick declaration of results
Haverhill Cangle BYRNE Maureen Gwendoline Labour 1134
CURTIS Lewis Liberal Democrat 455
FLOOD Julian UKIP 773
FOX Paula Carol Sharon Conservative 1481 Elected
FOX Quillon John Conservative 1324 elected
ROLPH Ken Liberal Democrat 376
SMITH David Malcolm Labour 845
Turnout 26.11%
Haverhill Cangle declaration of results
Haverhill East and Kedington FORDER Oliver Liberal Democrat 172
ROACH David James Conservative 922 elected
SIMPKIN Jason James Labour 464
Turnout 27.52%
Haverhill East and Kedington declaration of results
Mildenhall BUSUTTIL Louis Charles Conservative 1405 Elected
CHANDLER David Andrew Independent 423
YARROW Robert Kevin Labour 317
Turnout 30.77%
Mildenhall declaration of results
Newmarket and Red Lodge APPLEBY Andrew Jeffery West Suffolk Independents 273
GILLETT Andrew Liberal Democrat 213
MILLAR Robin John Conservative 1203 Elected
UNEY Joy Labour 373
Turnout 25.71%
Newmarket and Red Lodge declaration of results
Row Heath BROWNIE Ralph Liberal Democrat 164
FAWBERT Jack Labour 313
GATHERCOLE David Ward Independent 383
NOBLE Colin Lawrence Bennett Conservative 1362 Elected
SMITH John Robert Independent 379
Turnout 32.52%
Row Heath declaration of results
Thingoe North HOPFENSPERGER Beccy Conservative 1989 Elected
ROWELL Frederick John Labour and Co-operative 439
TURNER Peter Liberal Democrat 302
Turnout 38.38%
Thingoe North declaration of results
Thingoe South APPLETON Hilary Anne Labour 409
DICKER Dawn Patricia UKIP 145
KRONBERGS Zigurds Liberal Democrat 436
SOONS Karen Michelle Conservative 2110 Elected
Turnout 42.50%
Thingoe South declaration of results
Tower CORNISH Quentin Labour 998
EREIRA Mark Green Party lead candidate 1406
EVERITT Robert Conservative 1833 Elected
GRIFFIN Alex Labour 907
HOPFENSPERGER Paul Independent 1623
LALE Julia Liberal Democrat 509
NETTLETON David Independent 1628 Elected
RAWLINGS Sheena Liberal Democrat 173
Turnout 33.07%
Tower declaration of results

Results of all Suffolk County Council elections

By-election results - 4 May 2017

Ward Candidate Party Votes
Brandon Town Council (East) SMITH Susan Independent 602 Elected
WITTAM Phil West suffolk Independents 410
Turnout 27.42%
Brandon Town Council (East) declaration of results
Bury Town Council (Risbygate) BULL Susannah Nancy Conservative 227
NETTLETON David Independent 498 Elected
RYNSARD, Ida Mary Julia Green 281
VIZOR Anna Labour 179


Bury Town Council (Risbygate) declaration of results
Haverhill Town Council (North) SMITH Liz Labour uncontested election
Newmarket Town Council (St Marys) NOBBS Robert John Conservative 615 elected
YARROW Robert Kevin Labour 463
Turnout 28.04%
Newmarket Town Council (St Marys) declaration of results

Past election results