Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) for dog walkers

Dog fouling

If you are in charge of dog then you must immediately clear up if it fouls in any area open to the public in West Suffolk. This is a legal requirement which was introduced on 1 October 2017 as all public spaces within West Suffolk became subject to a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO). Allowing a dog to foul in an area open to the public without picking it up could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of £80. If you do not pay the Fixed Penalty Notice then you could be taken to court and fined up to £1,000.

Dog exclusion areas

In addition, dogs are excluded from some public areas, including play areas and fenced sports pitches (during the playing season):

How you can help

You can help us to tackle the antisocial behaviour of the minority of people who fail to clear up.

If you have witnessed dog fouling and are willing to provide a witness statement, please please phone Customer Services on 01284 763233, or email

This will be used to enforce the order by authorised council officers.

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