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Precision Marketing hosting West Suffolk Carbon Charter members and portfolio holder Cllr Alaric Pugh at event to help publicise West Suffolk business going greenGrowing green business

Your business will save money by improving energy efficiency, and managing environmental impacts could give you a competitive edge.

Carbon Trust research has shown that more than 65 per cent of consumers think it's important to buy from environmentally responsible companies. Every business can improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and reduce costs by considering:

  • how resources are used
  • thinking through purchasing decisions
  • using renewable sources.

West Suffolk businesses have easy access to advice, support and funding for projects to improve their energy efficiency.

The West Suffolk Community Energy Plan is delivered directly by West Suffolk Council and through the Suffolk Climate Change Partnership. This partnership works with organisations across Suffolk to develop and deliver new programmes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We also support local businesses, communities and households.

Detecting air leaks and acoustic imager hire

Help your business save money and the environment by hiring our acoustic imager for free.

Air systems are often the largest energy consumer in manufacturing businesses and frequently leak, costing energy and money. The acoustic imager, available to borrow for free, will identify these costly leaks.

Join the West Suffolk businesses who have on average found 28 leaks, which, when fixed, will lead to an estimated annual cost saving of £4,680, energy savings of 23MWh and emissions savings of 5.8 tonnes CO2e. 

The number of leaks found will depend on the length of your air lines, with larger systems that have more connections being likely to have a greater number of leaks.&

We recommend you check your air compressors and air lines every 6 to 12 months as leaks frequently appear, particularly at connection points.

To book hire of the imager (for free), please email

Net Zero Business Advisor Service Suffolk

A team of expert and impartial advisors can help your business with quantifying your carbon footprint, reducing your energy costs, and assist you in mapping what net zero means for your business. The team have already supported more than 1,000 businesses and community organisations throughout the region. Find out more: Carbon Charter - Net Zero Business Advisor Service Suffolk.

Energy efficiency grants

  • West Suffolk Greener Business Grant - Supports projects which realise an energy or carbon saving. Covers 50 per cent of project costs up to £1,000. Find out more in the Green Suffolk leaflet: West Suffolk Council - Greener Business Grant or email or telephone 01284 757667. Note: grant funding can not be awarded retrospectively.
  • Road to Net Zero Grants - will support Norfolk and Suffolk businesses to access grants from £1,000 to £25,000 for projects that will deliver carbon saving reductions. Projects can be wide ranging and include energy efficiency, clean energy, supply chain engagement, behaviour change or education and reducing waste. For more information: Get in touch with New Anglia
  • Suffolk Climate Action Community Match Funder – Assists charities, community interest companies, parish councils, voluntary groups and other not for profit organisations who wish to deliver community-based carbon reduction projects that contribute to Suffolk’s Climate Emergency Plan. The fund will support up to 50% of costs (up to a maximum of £10,000) for applications demonstrating that others in the community support the project in the form of contributions from multiple separate sponsors to make up the remaining project costs. Funding can be used to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, promoting walking and cycling and the use of sustainable or recycled materials. Find out more: Green Suffolk - Suffolk Climate Action Community Match Funder

Solar support

  • West Suffolk Solar for Business - A turnkey solution where the council fully funds and project manages the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) at your premises. Your business will benefit from low cost carbon free electricity, helping you cut costs and reduce carbon emissions. Find out more at West Suffolk Council - Solar for Business or email or telephone 01284 757622.
  • Smart Export Guarantee - Receive payments for electricity generated on site and exported to the national grid - useful if you are looking to install solar PV, wind, micro combined heat and power (CHP), hydro or anaerobic digestion (AD). The tariff you receive and contract length are decided by your chosen supplier. Find out more at Ofgem - Smart Export Guarantee

Travel planning

  • Cycle To Work Scheme - A salary sacrifice scheme run by the Government to support employees with purchasing a new bike and equipment for active travel to work. Any employer, of any size, across the public, private and voluntary sectors can take part. Find out more at GOV.UK - Cycle to Work Scheme implementation guidance for employers
  • The way to go Suffolk - Provides advice and guidance to address transport issues by developing travel plans. This includes improving businesses’ environmental credentials. Find out more at The Way To Go Suffolk - Workplace

Low carbon heating

Boiler Upgrade Scheme - An ongoing subsidy to support the installation of renewable heating systems such as biomass boilers, heat pumps and thermal collectors. For more information, visit GOV.UK - Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Electric vehicles (EVs)

  • Plug-in grant - The Government provides grant support for eligible low emission vehicles. The retailer will often incorporate this into the retail price. Support is available to taxis, vans and trucks. For more information, visit GOV.UK - Plug-in taxi grants: eligibility and applications
  • Electric vehicle chargers - The workplace charging scheme is a voucher-based grant which contributes towards the upfront costs of installing EV chargers at your workplace. It covers 75 per cent of the purchase and installation costs, up to a maximum of £350 per socket. Applicants can secure funding for up to 40 charging sockets across different sites. For more information, visit GOV.UK - Workplace Charging Scheme: guidance for applicants

Note: you can also apply to the West Suffolk Greener Business Grant and BEE Anglia for EV projects.

Loans and investment

  • Suffolk Carbon Reduction Loan Scheme - Interest free loans of up to £5,000 to support businesses and community groups with cutting energy use. The loan will cover an energy project which reduces energy consumption and can be paid back with project savings. Contact a Groundwork Business Advisor on 01473 350370.
  • Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF) - Provides equity finance for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in the East of England that are contributing to the low carbon economy. Investments range between £25,000 and £1 million. Find out more at Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF)
  • Suffolk Carbon Charter accreditation - If your business wants to take action and gain an external accreditation, the Suffolk Carbon Charter is a respected, low cost option. The Suffolk Carbon Charter can help a business show that it has green credentials. This is based upon ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard, and established environmental management systems. Find out more about accreditation schemes. Find a list of current West Suffolk Carbon Charter holders

For more information on energy efficiency, renewable energy and for advice about grants to improve energy efficiency, email

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