Tackling climate change

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Our track record

We have a good track record of reducing our impact on climate change and have been monitoring this since 2010.

Tackling climate change while protecting and improving our environment is a priority for West Suffolk Council. A summary of our approach can be found in our Environmental Policy Statement

West Suffolk Council declared a climate change and biodiversity emergency and in 2019 established a task force The taskforce produced a road map of around 50 initiatives and each year publishes an environmental statement on progress West Suffolk Council Environmental Statement 2022-23. This includes carbon budgeting to measure progress.

The initiatives focus on things we can achieve:

  • through direct control
  • through working in partnership
  • through lobbying central Government for change.

In June 2023 a Sustainability and Environment Working Group began reviewing progress to date. Its remit is to report performance to Cabinet and to make recommendations on how individuals, communities and businesses in West Suffolk can begin to pick up the pace of change. Updates will be available on this page.