Toggam solar farm

Our solar farm generates green energy and income which we use to help support the future delivery of council services in West Suffolk. As central government funding continues to reduce many councils are investing in projects which will deliver savings or an income as well as greater benefits for our communities and environment. This is part of our wider Community Energy Plan.

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The 12.4MW solar farm at Toggam Farm in Lakenheath, one of the largest council owned solar farms in the country went online in August 2016. Since then it has been generating renewable electricity, sold to the National Grid, providing an income to help fund day to day council services.

May 2020 saw it produce 2007MWh of electricity – its best performing month so far. That is equivalent of powering 600 homes for an entire year.

Over the last three years the amount generated by the solar farm has created more than £4million of income which after costs, has meant more than £1.2m has been pumped into public services.

The solar farm is just one of the many ways that the council is helping the environment and making financial benefits for the public purse. At West Stow it has installed a 117kW ground source heat pump providing renewable heat and cooling to replace an oil and electric heating system for the café, museum and collections buildings. The project achieves both environmental and financial savings: Green heating project at Anglo-Saxon site shortlisted for six national awards (press release 23 September 2021).

Electricity generation this year

Toggam Solar Farm 2021-22 electricity generation showing that expected generation between April 2021 and March 2022

Development of Toggam Solar Farm

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