Arrange a litter pick

We have guidance and advice for groups and individuals who want to get involved in litter picking and can provide equipment and collections to help you get started.

As an individual

If you would like to volunteer to litter pick in your local area, just complete our online application form or find out more:

As a group

We can loan out high visibility waistcoats, litter picks and rubbish sacks to local communities who want to organise a litter pick. We will also collect and dispose of the rubbish you collect. Do not attempt to pick up anything that could be dangerous, such as:

  • broken glass
  • drugs related litter for example syringes
  • unidentified containers or liquids  
  • asbestos     
  • large or heavy items.

If you do find any potentially dangerous material, make a note if where it is and let us know.

Contact Waste Management on 01284 757320 for more information about organising litter picks.