Love Where You Live

Love where you live logoDo you want to make a positive difference to your community?

We can help!

Everyone wants to live somewhere that they love but we are all so busy it can be difficult to know where to start getting to know or improve your local area.

Love Where You Live is about putting you in the driving seat to improve your local environment and get to know your community. Love Where You Live covers a wide range of community activities, from organising a litter pick or community event to starting a residents’ group, supporting vulnerable neighbours or building a new play area.

How it's done

In 2018-19 our Waste and Street Scene team registered over 1,700 volunteers who wanted to help clear up their local area, between them filling thousands of refuse sacks with litter! Some of these volunteers took part in organised group litter events whilst others joined the growing army of individual litter pickers in West Suffolk. Our Waste and Street Scene team can give you refuse sacks, sack holders, gloves, long handled litter pickup sticks and high visibility waistcoats, as well as offering advice and guidance and collecting the waste once you have finished.

If you are interested in organising a litter pick in your area then please visit our Arrange a litter pick page.

We can also lend you equipment if you would like to maintain your community green spaces and advise you if you would like to start a green fingered project, for example a community garden or help for people in your neighbourhood who find gardening difficult.

For wider community projects our Families and Communities team can offer help, advice and friendly links to other organisations who can welcome, advise and assist you. Please visit our Your community page for further details.

If you want to get inspired, you can read about litter picking events, across West Suffolk, in our Love Where You Live newsletter

Just let us know what you've got planned or what you'd like to do and we'll tell you what we can do to support you!

If you would like to use the Love Where You Live on publicity for your project or event then please feel free to download our logo: