Mildenhall car parks

Car park: Carters Yard, IP28 7ER
Opening times: Monday to Sunday 8am to 4pm
Charges: Free
Additional information: 20 spaces available


Car park: Recreation Way, IP28 7HG
Opening times: Open 24 hours
Charges: Free

Additional information: 133 spaces available


Electric vehicle charging points installed by Mildenhall Town Council and Suffolk County Council are available in this car park. To use these charge points you can use a contactless credit or debit card or use the Clenergy EV App. Customers pay for the energy (per kWh) that they use. These charge points deliver approximately 7kW via a standard type 2 connector, which equates to approximately 25 miles of range per hour (depending on vehicle and driving style) and are best to use when parked for longer periods, for example while shopping or working.