Street parking, permits and visitor vouchers

Residents living in the parking zones listed below can buy parking permits and visitor vouchers online.
For specific details regarding each zone, including permit and voucher costs please select a zone from the list on the right and then view the terms and conditions specific to the chosen zone. You can check if you live within a Residential Parking Zone by using the Find my nearest tool.

More information about street parking (neighbourhood parking schemes) and permits.

Changes in 2023 to the Bury St Edmunds scheme

We have announced changes to the Bury St Edmunds residential permit parking scheme to make it easier for residents in Bury St Edmunds' 12 parking zones to find a place to park.

Use of town centre car parks 

Residential permit holders can now park in the following West Suffolk Council off-street car parks in Bury St Edmund town centre between 4pm and 10am seven days a week, including bank holidays, at no additional cost:

  • Arc-Cattle Market car park
  • Lower Baxter Street car park
  • Parkway Multi Storey car park
  • Parkway Surface car park
  • Ram Meadow car park
  • School Yard East and West car parks
  • St Andrews Flexi and Long Stay car parks
  • Vinery Road - Holywater Meadow car park

A valid permit must be displayed in the vehicle. Residential permits cannot be used for Angel Hill, Buttermarket, Town Centre, or Chequer Square (except zone D permit holders) or any other on-street pay and display bays. Neither may it be used for visiting any of the parks run by West Suffolk Council.

Visitor vouchers will not be permitted within any off-street car park and are only valid in marked residential bays.

Car registrations added to permits

From 1 April 2023, car registration details will be added to permits to counter unauthorised use.

Changes as permits are renewed

The following changes are being implemented as permits are renewed:

  • Blue Badge holders will also become liable to pay for residential permits
  • residents of a pensionable age who don’t own a car will no longer get a free permit but will still be able to buy visitor vouchers
  • limit on the number of visitor vouchers that can be purchased has been removed to ensure consistency across all zones.

Extension of parking permit hours

Some zones currently offer permit hours of 8am to 6pm and others 10am to 4pm. Subject to an update to the current Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) these will become 8am to 8pm coupled with more parking enforcement to ensure the spaces are available for residents. Please note that there is a current public consultation taking place between the 23 May 2024 until 14 June 2024. Any comments and enquiries must be directed to Suffolk Highways and not West Suffolk Council.  A link below has been provided for further information:

Proposed Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) - Various Roads, Bury St Edmunds - Suffolk County Council 

Issuing of trade and non-resident permits in zones

This is currently being reviewed by West Suffolk Council. 

Integration of permit zones

The idea behind this is to integrate neighbouring permit zones where one is heavily oversubscribed and another less so. There will need to be further consultation with residents over the specific details and this merging of the zones will only go ahead if backed by the majority of residents in both areas.

Review of single and double yellow lining to make more permit spaces available

This is subject to further work by Suffolk County Council.

All of the above changes follow an independent review and two stages of public consultation. You can read more at:

(If you have trouble reading these documents, please email and we will endeavour to assist your further.)

Parking suspensions

What is a parking suspension?

A parking suspension is where the parking controls, waiting or parking and loading, are suspended and the space is reserved for a particular purpose. A space cannot be suspended for preferential or convenience parking.

We grant suspensions on:

  • permit parking bays
  • limited waiting bays
  • pay and display bays

The cost for a parking suspension on-street and off-street are as follows:

£55 per suspension for the first day, per bay and then £25 per subsequent day per bay.

A notice period of at least 15 workings days notice is required when making an application.

To apply for a parking suspension please email who will provide you with the relevant information and application forms.

Temporary permits for contractors

  • Tradesmen and contractors can apply for a temporary parking permit online.
  • A maximum of three temporary contractor permits is allowed per road. Please note as part of the changes to the schemes in Bury St Edmunds, the council is reviewing how it manages the issuing of trade permits in these zones.
  • If you do not receive a response within the allotted period, then your application has been declined.
  • Please note that if your permit is granted, you are only permitted to park within the street that your permit has been granted for, if the vehicle is located in an alternative street then a Penalty Charge Notice may be issued.
  • If your working within St Johns Street, your permit will be valid within St Johns Place or Ipswich Street only. If you vehicle is located within any other street a Penalty Charge Notice will be issued.

Parking dispensations

What is a parking dispensation?

A parking dispensation is a special permit which allows a vehicle to be parked where restrictions would not normally allow it for a period of up to 7 days per dispensation.

We grant dispensations for:

  • single yellow lines
  • double yellow lines ( in exceptional circumstances)
  • restricted zones
  • loading bays
  • pay and display bays
  • limited waiting bays
  • suspended bays
  • Blue Badge bays (in exceptional circumstances)

The cost for a parking dispensation are as follows:


  • £25 for the first day (per vehicle)
  • £12.50 every subsequent day (per vehicle) after, up to 7 days


  • £15 for the first day (per vehicle)
  • £10.00 every subsequent day (per vehicle) after, up to 7 days

Further extensions to a parking dispensation will require a new application to be made in order for us to review the parking safety and traffic conditions. Notice of intended renewals should be made two workings days before the renewal date where possible.

To apply for a parking dispensation please email who will provide you with the relevant information and application forms.

Residential and business waiver permit

These are for specific areas, across West Suffolk and the Babergh district (Sudbury), please read the terms and conditions before making an application. Any application that is submitted without relevant evidence will be declined.

Business permit -  Bury Road car park, Brandon

Businesses in Brandon are eligible to apply for up to 3 business permits for the Bury Road car park.

The permit will be non-registration specific, allowing it to be used by staff members or customers to the business and will allow the permit holder to park for the whole day within the car park. 

The cost of each permit is as follows:

  • 13 weeks - £65
  • 26 weeks - £130
  • 52 weeks - £260

To apply for a business permit please email to obtain an application form. We will also require a copy of the most recent business rates statement to verify the business. 

Please ensure that you have read and agree to the terms and conditions of the permit below before making an application. 

Permits and visitor vouchers for Bury St Edmunds

When ordering a permit and/or visitor vouchers please allow 10 working days for processing and despatch.

Permits for Haverhill

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