Street parking, permits and visitor vouchers

Residents living in the parking zones listed below can buy parking permits and visitor vouchers online. Some zones allow two permits per household where space allows. Please note, under changes to the Bury St Edmunds schemes, due to come in during 2023, this will be limited to two permits per household.

All permit and voucher costs are within the terms and conditions of permit use in the links below. You can check your zone by using the Find my Nearest tool.

More information about street parking (neighbourhood parking schemes) and permits.

Changes to the Bury St Edmunds scheme following the permit parking review

Following the recommendations of an independent review of the residential parking schemes in Bury St Edmunds, including two stages of consultation, West Suffolk Council is making a number of changes, the first of which will come into effect in January 2023.

The decision is designed to make it easier for residents in Bury St Edmunds' 12 parking zones to find a place to park. The changes will be kept under review. 

You can read more on the consultation and the survey feedback at:

(If you have trouble reading these documents, please email and we will endeavour to assist your further.)

From 9 January 2023, residential permit holders will be permitted to park in any West Suffolk Council off-street car park free of charge from 4pm to 10am, 7 days a week including Bank Holidays. Outside of these periods payment must be made for parking. A Penalty Charge Notice may be issued if payment is not make via the payment machine or via RingGo. Locations that are valid to park free of charge using a valid residential permit during 4pm to 10am are:

  • Arc/Cattle Market car park
  • Lower Baxter Street car park
  • Parkway Multi Storey car park
  • Parkway Surface car park
  • Ram Meadow car park
  • School Yard East and West car parks
  • St Andrews Flexi and Long Stay car parks
  • Vinery Road - Holywater Meadow car park

(Please note that residential permits are not valid for any on-street pay and display bays, Angel Hill, Buttermarket, Town Centre, Chequers Square or any of the West Suffolk Council country parks)

The council will extend the parking permit hours. In some zones these are currently 8am to 6pm and others 10am to 4pm. Subject to a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) these will become 8am to 8pm coupled with more parking enforcement to ensure the spaces are available for residents. The change in hours could come into effect in the Spring.

Car registration details will be added to permits to counter unauthorised use. This is likely to come into effect in 2023 although no date has been set yet.

Changes limiting the number of permits to two per household will be rolled out as permits come up for renewal, while Blue Badge holders will also become liable to pay for residential permits, and residents of a pensionable age who don’t own a car will no longer get a free permit but will still be able to buy visitor vouchers.

West Suffolk Council will also review how it manages the issuing of trade permits in these zones.

The council has written to all permit holders ahead of the first changes coming into effect in early 2023.

One option that will require further work is the integration of permit zones where one is heavily oversubscribed and another less so. There will be further consultation with residents over the specific details and this merging of the zones will only go ahead if backed by the majority of residents in both areas.

Another move, to look at the single and double yellow lining and see if any of it can be made available for permit parking, will be subject to further work by Suffolk County Council.

Temporary permits for contractors

  • Tradesmen and contractors can apply for a temporary parking permit online.
  • A maximum of three Temporary Contractor Permits is allowed per road. Please note as part of the changes to the schemes in Bury St Edmunds, the Council is to review how it manages the issuing of trade permits in these zones.
  • If you do not receive a response within the allotted period, then your application has been declined.
  • Please note that we cannot respond to each application individually due to the volume of applications that we receive.

Residential and business waiver permit

These are for specific areas, across West Suffolk and the Babergh district (Sudbury), please read the terms and conditions before making an application. Any application that is submitted without relevant evidence will be declined.

Permits and visitor vouchers for Bury St Edmunds

When ordering a permit please allow 10 working days for processing and delivery time.

Permits for Haverhill