Scrap metal

You will need a licence to deal in and collect scrap metal. You will need a licence from the licensing authority where your scrap metal business premises is located, this is usually your local council. If you do not have a permanent premises, you will need to register with the licensing authority where you normally live. If you do not know who that is, find out at GOV.UK - Find your local council

Tax conditionality

Existing licence holders will be required to complete a tax check from 4 April 2022 for renewal of the scrap metal licence.

New tax requirements for applications to certain licences are being put in place by the Government. The tax check should only take a few minutes every few years and it is simple to confirm that someone is appropriately registered for tax.

The tax check can be completed on GOV.UK, through a Government Gateway account GOV.UK - Complete a tax check for a taxi, private hire or scrap metal licence

When the tax check is complete, a code will be issued. This code must be given to the council. The licence application or renewal will not be processed until the tax check is completed and the code provided.

The council will not have access to any information about tax details, they will only receive confirmation from HRMC that the tax check is completed.

More information about the tax check can be found at:

Existing licence holders are encouraged to visit this website as soon as possible to ensure they understand the requirements before their licence is due for renewal. (This affects licences due for renewal from 4 April 2022 onwards).

To get a licence, complete the Application for a scrap metal licence


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