Changing Places toilet - Mildenhall Hub

Changing Places toilet at Mildenhall Hub, Sheldrick Way, Mildenhall, IP28 7JX

Changing Places toilets are different to standard disabled toilets as they have extra features and more space to meet the needs of people who use them. They are not for people who can use a toilet independent of a carer.

How it can help

The toilets provide enough space and the right equipment, including a hoist and height adjustable changing bench.

Each Changing Places toilet provides:

  • a height adjustable adult-sized changing bench
  • a tracking hoist system, or mobile hoist if this is not possible
  • space in the changing area for the disabled person and up to two carers
  • centrally placed toilet with room either side
  • a screen or curtain to allow some privacy
  • wide tear off paper roll to cover the bench
  • large waste bin for disposable pads
  • non-slip floor.

Guidance for using our changing places toilet

  1. Carers or users wishing to use the changing places toilet should be ideally trained in using hoists and changing benches.
  2. As a carer or user, you will need to satisfy yourself that your slings are compatible with the hoist. West Suffolk Council does not supply slings for health and safety reasons. If you are in any doubt, please do not use the hoist.
  3. Before using the facility, please use the protective paper provided and remove the paper after use.
  4. All soiled or disposable material should be placed in the hygiene waste bin provided.
  5. Please take all soiled clothing away. Please do not use the basin or shower for washing clothing.
  6. As a carer or user it is your responsibility to always ensure safety, especially when using the hoist. Hoist maximum weight 28 stone (180kg) and the changing bench maximum weight is 16.5 stone (106kg). 

Please phone 01284 757088 or email if the equipment is damaged or faulty.

Please consider others when using the toilet and leave the room clean and tidy.

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