Moving home

When you move home you need to notify us of the changes. You need to let us know your new address and any change of circumstances to make sure that:

  • you pay the right amount of Council Tax
  • receive the right amount of Housing Benefit
  • we have the correct details if you subscribe to the Garden Waste Collection Scheme
  • your address is correct so that you can vote in elections
  • and you may need, or no longer need a parking permit.

Council Tax and housing benefits

Council Tax and housing benefits are administered by Anglia Revenues Partnership:

Bin collections

Your recycling and refuse bins are registered to your property, so they will need to be left behind when you move.

Check when are my bins emptied?

Garden waste collection

If you are new to the area you can subscribe to the Garden Waste collection service.

You can transfer the service to a new address within the council area as long as the bin is transported by you. You must inform the council of the change of address online or in writing (email: within 14 days.

If you move outside of the council area, you must inform the council of the change of address online or in writing (email: The service will be stopped unless the new residents sign up for the service.

Register to vote

In order to vote in any UK elections you need to be registered. When you move house you need to re-register to your new address. You can do this online at GOV.UK - Register to vote.

When you register to your new address, you will be removed from the register at your old address. Visit our Register to vote page to find out more.

Parking permits

Residents living in parking zones can buy parking permits and visitor vouchers online. Senior citizens who do not have a car can apply for a free permit for their visitors. Disabled badge holders are eligible to a free permit. Find out more: Street parking, permits and visitor vouchers

Find my nearest

Enter your address in Find my nearest for useful information about the area, including bin collection days, recycling centres, local councillor, planning information, nearby parking restrictions and roadworks, education, and health facilities near you.

Other organisations you may also need to inform

  • bank, credit card providers, investment funds, store loyalty cards
  • Department for Work and Pensions - state pension
  • Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) - vehicle registration, driving licence
  • health services - doctor, dentist, optician
  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) - Tax credits, Child Benefit, Income Tax, National Insurance
  • insurance companies - home, vehicle, pet. life, health, phone
  • leisure and family activities - newspaper, magazine, newsletter subscriptions, clubs, gym, charities you support, pet microchip database
  • regular bills - home phone, broadband, cable TV, mobile phone providers
  • Royal Mail redirection service
  • Suffolk County Council if you have a bus pass, or Blue badge
  • TV Licensing - Update your details
  • utility suppliers - electricity, gas, water - let them know the exact date you'll be moving and take meter readings for them at your old and new home
  • work and education contacts - employer, company pension, professional associations, children's school, college
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