When are my bins emptied?

Coronavirus iconDuring the current COVID-19 outbreak, we're working as hard as we can to continue to collect your waste. Please help us by remembering not to overfill your bins so they can be moved by the crews, and by not leaving side waste. Please continue to store this until your next collection.

Your bins are emptied on alternate weeks. When there is a public holiday, the collection days will be revised. To see when your bins are emptied, use our check when my bins are emptied service and enter your postcode into the Search for a location box and select your address. Your bin collection information will be displayed.

Your 2022 festive bin collection days

Make sure you know when we will be picking up recycling and rubbish. Collections are unchanged up to and including Friday 23 December.

There will be no collections on Monday 26 December, instead these will be done 2 days early, on Saturday 24 December. The rest of the week will be one day late.

There will be no collections on Monday 2 January so collections this week are all one day late.

All usual collections will resume from Monday 9 January 2023 onwards.

Usual collection Revised collection Change
Monday 26 December Saturday 24 December 2 days early
Tuesday 27 December Wednesday 28 December 1 day late
Wednesday 28 December Thursday 29 December 1 day late
Thursday 29 December Friday 30 December 1 day late
Friday 30 December Saturday 31 December 1 day late
Mon 2 January Tuesday 3 January 1 day late
Tuesday 3 January Wednesday 4 January 1 day late
Wednesday 4 January Thursday 5 January 1 day late
Thursday 5 January Friday 6 January 1 day late
Friday 6 January Saturday 7 January 1 day late

You can also look up all your collection days if you use our check when your bins are emptied service.

Things to remember

We always try to collect your bin at a similar time each week but now and again we may have to change our rounds. You can help us by making sure that:

  • you put the right items in the right bin
  • your bin is put out by 6.15am the morning of your collection day
  • your bin is placed next to the kerb with the lid shut (if it is open it can affect the lifting machinery and it might not be emptied)
  • any recycling that will not fit in your blue bin is put in council issued blue sacks; we will collect a maximum of two.

Occasionally, the bin collections can be affected by weather.

For tips to try and avoid frozen bins, and other information, please read Waste collections in colder weather, or for advice on how to cope in warmer weather, please read Keep your wheelie bin fresh this summer