Financial support to help make West Suffolk homes warmer

26 Jul 2023

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West Suffolk Council is analysing over 5,000 homes identified as being among those hardest hit by the cost of living crisis in order to offer fully funded energy efficiency work that will save money for those in most need by reducing fuel bills, keeping them healthier and helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

The work is being funded thanks to a successful bid by a consortium of Suffolk district councils for £8,622,000 from the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) Home Upgrade Grant Two scheme for energy efficiency measures in households most in need. The application is based on analysis funded by Suffolk Public Sector Leaders to identify energy inefficient households on low incomes, that are off gas grid, who will be offered fast track applications for work to make them warmer.

The work is being delivered under the Warm Homes Suffolk scheme.

Cllr Donna Higgins, West Suffolk Council Cabinet member for Families and Communities said,

‘We are about to contact more than 5000 households in West Suffolk with the offer of fast track applications for energy efficiency work to their homes, to save them on fuel bills, protect their health and reduce their carbon footprint. These individuals and families  are feeling some of the deepest impacts of the cost of living crisis and we want to support them ahead of winter. I would ask anyone receiving a letter from us to give serious thought to the difference these measures could make to their lives, and to get in touch. We can take you through how we can help, what you can expect and what you will get in return. And if you have a family member or neighbour who you think could benefit, please do suggest they find out more.’

Cllr Gerald Kelly, Cabinet member for Governance and Regulatory said,

‘‘We are inviting applications from off gas-grid homes who may be eligible for financial help under the same scheme. West Suffolk has a huge challenge to make its homes more energy efficient and the Warm Homes Suffolk website is a great starting place for everyone. Getting results can be surprisingly simple, for example with draught exclusion and some extra loft insulation, and there is sound advice for considering bigger steps. We can and must all do more to manage our carbon footprints and Warm Homes Suffolk has some excellent choices for where we do this – I recommend a visit.’

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