On street parking (civil parking enforcement)

From 6 April 2020, West Suffolk Council has powers to enforce on street parking contraventions under civil parking enforcement legislation.

Civil parking enforcement

Civil parking enforcement (CPE) allows West Suffolk Council to better promote safe and sensible parking, while also tackling local parking issues concerning residents. It also frees up Police time and resources for them to be able to focus on tackling safety, and more serious crimes.

West Suffolk Council are enforcing current restrictions that already exist and can be enforced by the Police. Through employing qualified enforcement officers, on street enforcement becomes a high priority for West Suffolk Council, bringing benefits such as road safety, minimising congestion and improving traffic flow on local roads. By promoting better parking, CPE can take a more targeted approach to dealing with the following parking issues:

  • Road or pavement obstructions causing danger for other road users and pedestrians.
  • Drivers blocking streets preventing emergency vehicle access – especially when time is critical.
  • Avoidable congestion which harms local business and the environment.
  • Overstaying in car parks, which can put people off using local businesses when they can’t find a space – harming the local economy.

In West Suffolk, the move has been widely supported by the public and local businesses. For more information read Civil parking enforcement frequently asked questions.

Working with Babergh and Mid Suffolk District Councils, it has been agreed that enforcement in those two areas will be undertaken by Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Councils. The enforcement areas can be found on Suffolk County Council's parking enforcement map

The Police retain powers to enforce:

  • dangerous or obstructive parking
  • vehicles parked on pedestrian crossings and zig zag lines
  • moving vehicle violations, such as speeding and going through ‘no entry’ signs.

Across Suffolk there are 62 civil enforcement officers patrolling all areas where there are traffic regulations. Patrolling will be carried out throughout the year. Teams are focused on areas where illegal parking has the most impact on road safety and congestion. Busy town centre streets are likely to be checked every day.

If you wish to make us aware of a parking infringement, please complete the Report a parking infringement online form.

The aim of CPE is to achieve 100% compliance of parking regulations. If that was to occur there would be no income from penalty charges. However, if drivers choose to park illegally, they should expect to receive a Penalty Charge Notice:

  • £70 for the more serious offences, such as parking on yellow lines
  • £50 for less serious offences, such as overstaying in a limited waiting bay.

Fines associated with parking will be retained in West Suffolk to support the cost of enforcement. Any surplus will be spent on local transport and environmental improvements in West Suffolk.

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