Parking fines and appeals

If you pay your fine within 14 days you will be eligible to a discount, visit our pay page to pay your parking fine online.

Reasons why Excess Charge Notices (parking fines) are given:

  • No ticket displayed or RingGo payment has not been made
  • Incorrect details on your RingGo session
  • No permit displayed
  • Parking in a blue badge space without displaying a valid blue badge
  • Parking outside the marked bay
  • Parking where no parking is allowed (for example on double yellow lines within parking areas)
  • The pay and display ticket has expired
  • The ticket is invalid
  • Using someone else’s ticket (tickets are not allowed to be exchanged)


You can appeal against a parking fine in writing within seven days of receiving it. We are not able to make a decision or discuss your appeal over the phone. You must consider making an appeal carefully because if your appeal is rejected then you must pay the full fine amount. When an appeal is considered by our case officer, photographs or notes taken by the officer who issued the fine will be reviewed. If you decide to appeal you should not pay the fine until a decision has been made. These are examples of valid reasons for cancellation of a fine:

  • The parking fine contains inaccurate information. The legal requirement is to record the car registration number correctly but other details like the make and model of the car are not grounds for appeal.
  • Delays due to a medical emergency or other exceptional circumstances – we will need supporting evidence of this.

Your appeal is unlikely to be allowed if we can’t see the expiry time and other details of your pay and display ticket or you have entered incorrect vehicle registration number or location code on your RingGo payment. Appeals based on your ticket being displaced by wind or being left face down so that we can’t read the details will not be considered as our policy is very clear about the requirement to clearly display your ticket and there are reminders about this on our pay machines.

How to appeal a parking fine

Appeals must be made within seven days of the fine being issued. A parking case officer will reach a decision and reply to you within 10 days of receiving your appeal. If your appeal is rejected you must pay the full cost of the fine.

The decision is final and you cannot appeal again so please make sure you have provided as much information as you can to assist us in reaching a decision.

If payment is made for an Excess Charge Notice no appeal can be considered.

Making payment automatically closes the case and no further action is required.