Parking problems

It is not possible to stop legally parked cars parking outside houses on a residential street, even if it is considered by some residents as inconvenient. We also cannot stop the increased demand for parking caused by local schools, businesses, churches or other facilities.

If there is a problem with illegal parking or vehicle obstruction, contact the council.

East Suffolk, Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Councils are responsible for enforcement in their own areas. Enforcement in Babergh and Mid Suffolk is managed by Ipswich Borough and West Suffolk Councils. The enforcement areas can be seen on Suffolk County Council's parking enforcement map

Parking which significantly obstructs the pavement can be dealt with by civil enforcement officers or the police, depending on the circumstances.

More information on parking on pavements and verges

Illegal parking and obstruction offences

A vehicle is illegally parked if there are parking restrictions operating at that section of road.

Drivers of illegally parked vehicles may be issued a penalty charge notice for parking:

  • on single or double yellow lines
  • in designated bays, such as police, motorcycle, taxi or disabled bays
  • in loading or limited waiting bays
  • where a clearway exists
  • on school entrance markings
  • on pedestrian crossing zig zag markings

Drivers may also receive penalty charge notices if their vehicle is blocking vehicular access to a road, or individual property at property owner’s request.

Request new parking restrictions

Introducing restrictions which limit parking options could lead to drivers looking for alternatives and lead to vehicles being displaced to other surrounding locations, so we have to take a consistent approach to the application of new parking restrictions. Only as a last resort will new parking restrictions be implemented, where other methods have failed and a specific site justifies this treatment. It can take up to 18 months to introduce new parking restrictions.

To request new parking restrictions, please contact the parish or town council for the location as they will need to support any request for new markings. The parish or town council will need to identify a local funding source to cover the costs associated with introducing a Traffic Regulation Order which will enable the restrictions to be enforced, and the cost of the road markings and signs.

Existing parking restrictions

Existing parking restrictions can be found on - Map Based Traffic Orders For Suffolk County Council

Please select the Traffic Orders button, click on the spanner in the top left corner and add the address to the select area. You will need to zoom in for the parking restrictions to become visible.