Parking fines

If you pay your fine within 14 days you will be eligible to a discount, visit our pay page to pay your parking fine online.

Reasons why Excess Charge Notices (parking fines) are given:

  • no ticket is displayed
  • no permit is displayed
  • you have parked in a Blue badge space without showing a valid Blue badge
  • you have parked outside the marked bay
  • you have parked where there is no parking allowed (for example on double yellow lines)
  • your ticket has expired
  • your ticket is invalid
  • you have used someone else's ticket (tickets are not transferable)


You can appeal against a parking ticket within seven working days of its issue but only on the following grounds:

  • The Excess Charge Notice contains inaccurate information. The legal requirement is to record the car registration number. Any other details, for example make and model, are optional and any inaccuracies are not grounds for appeal.
  • The ticket machines were not working. Please ensure you have tried all the ticket machines in the car park.
  • Delay due to a medical emergency or an exceptional circumstance. We will require supporting evidence of this.

How to appeal a parking fine

The appeals process is slightly different in the Forest Heath District and St Edmundsbury Borough. To find out about the process in the area your parking fine was issued, read the information for the relevant area.

Appeals in Forest Heath District

All appeals must be made in writing and within seven days. Your appeal will be assessed by a parking case officer who will reach a decision within seven days of receiving your appeal.

If you made an appeal within seven days and it is rejected you will be given a further seven days (from the date your appeal was rejected) in which to pay your fine at a discounted rate. If you do not pay within this time you will have to pay the full amount.

Appeals in St Edmundsbury Borough

All appeals must be made in writing and within seven days. If you decide to appeal your parking fine and your appeal is unsuccessful you will not get a discount. You can appeal online or print off a form and post it.

There are three stages in the appeals process within the St Edmundsbury Borough, the majority of cases will only involve stage one:

Stage one

Your appeal is considered against our parking policy criteria by a parking services officer. A decision will be reached within 14 working days. If your appeal is successful the case will be closed and your parking fine cancelled. if your appeal is rejected you will need to pay the fine in full.

Stage two

If you disagree with the decision made in stage 1, your case will be considered by a parking services manager. This decision is final and will only move onto stage three if you are able to show new evidence that will substantially change the way in which your appeal was initially considered.

Stage three

Should you wish to make a third appeal you must show further evidence or information. The appeal will be considered by the Head of property services and engineering.