Closed churchyards maintained by West Suffolk Council

  • St Andrews Barningham
  • The Baptist Cemetery Lower Baxter Street Bury St Edmunds
  • The Great Church Yard Bury St Edmunds
  • St Marys Cavendish
  • All Saints Chedburgh
  • St Johns Stoke by Clare
  • St Nicholas Denston
  • St Marys Haverhill
  • All Saints Hopton
  • St Marys Lidgate
  • St Peters Ousden
  • All Saints Rede
  • St Johns Stanton
  • All Saints Stanton
  • St Petronillas Whepstead

Within each churchyard the council’s responsibilities are:

  • boundary walls and fences
  • retaining walls
  • paths
  • trees
  • herbage
  • legal liability and insurance
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