All memorials (headstones and tablets) need permission before they can be placed in our cemeteries. We record details about the type of memorial you are planning, any inscriptions and the method of fixing. Recording these details can be helpful for tracing family history in the future. It also means that work cannot be done to the memorial without your permission.

We want to ensure a safe and peaceful environment in our cemeteries. With this in mind, the following guidelines must be followed:

We ensure that both our cemeteries are managed and operated according to the regulations set out in the:

Who can authorise work to a memorial?

If you are the registered grave owner you must sign a memorial permit application form to authorise work on a memorial.

If the owner is deceased, and work such as renovation is to be carried out, then the next of kin can authorise this work without the grave ownership being transferred. If there is no memorial on the grave or the existing memorial is to be altered in some way, then a new owner must be registered. Further information can be found in the section transfer of grave ownership.

Fees and charges

The fee for a memorial application for the period 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024 is £218 and a re-inscription £78. Fees are reviewed annually on 1 April.

Dedication benches

Benches dedicated to a loved one are available to purchase at both Bury St Edmunds and Haverhill cemeteries.

Benches are also available at Brandon Country Park, East Town Park and Nowton Park, as well as in Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds.

To discuss availability at your chosen location, please contact the Parks service on 01284 757088 or email

Dedication trees

Trees are available at certain sites. Please enquire via the Parks service on 01284 757088 in the first instance.

Haverhill dedication wall

Installed in the summer of 2019, a dedication wall is available at Haverhill Cemetery. The wall will contain 192 plaques when full and offers a focal point of remembrance for anyone who has lost a loved one. They do not need to be resting in Haverhill Cemetery.

Please contact Cemetery Services via the contact details on the right of this page for more information and an application form.

Abbey Gardens

Plaques in the Rose Garden are available as a dedication. Silver coloured plaques with engraved wording to remember your loved one are mounted on a metal stake and placed in one of the rose beds. The rose garden is a beautiful walled garden with plenty of benches offering a place to remember and reflect.

Please contact Cemetery Services via the contact details on the right of this page for more information and an application form.

In addition, we also have a metal dedication tree within the Rose Garden. Metal leaves in a choice of two sizes can be purchased and engraved with your chosen wording before being placed on a branch of the tree. Leaves are ordered and installed twice a year, April and October.

You will need to return a Dedication tree leaf application, together with one of the following forms, to

Upon receipt, we will contact you to collect payment.

Dedication fees and charges

Please note that all dedications are purchased on a lease basis.

War memorials

We have five dedicated war memorials sites which we maintain:

  • Bury St Edmunds Cemetery
  • Haverhill Cemetery
  • St Saviours Hospital, Haverhill
  • Boer War Memorial, Cornhill, Bury St Edmunds
  • War Memorial, Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds

If you have any ideas or suggestions about how we can improve our war memorials, or to report any damage, please contact us.

For more general information about war memorials, visit: