I have lost my dog

If you have lost your dog you can report it by calling Customer Services on 01284 757053  during office hours and 01284 763252 outside office hours (5pm to 8.45am).

You can also register your dog as lost for free on: Dog

If your dog has been collected as a stray it will be taken to kennels. For dogs collected within the West Suffolk district, you can contact the kennels on 01449 737641.

If your dog has been collected and placed in kennels you will be charged the following fees before you can collect your dog:

Service Cost
Stray dog fine (statutory fee) £25
Collection fee £12
Transfer to kennel £15.40

£15.30 per day

Administration charge £9.60
Vet treatments If applicable

I have found a lost or stray dog

In West Suffolk we will collect dogs between 8.30am and 9pm seven days a week including public holidays.

If you have found a dog you can call Customer Services on 01284 757053 during office hours and 01284 763252 outside office hours (5pm to 8.45am).

If a lost or stray dog is taken to kennels and cannot be reunited with its owner, it will be rehomed after seven days.

I want to report a dangerous dog

Contact the police on the non emergency number 101.

Dog fouling - owners' obligations

If you are a dog owner or walker then you must pick up your dog's mess if it fouls in a public place. This is a legal requirement as described in Public Spaces Protection Order (Dogs) 2017. If you do not then you may be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice. If you do not pay the Fixed Penalty Notice then you could be taken to court and fined up to £1000.

If you want to report dog foul that needs clearing or have witnessed dog fouling and are willing to provide a witness statement please phone Customer Services 01638 719000 or 01284 763233, or email

Nuisance barking

Visit our noise nuisance page for more information about what is considered nuisance noise and how to make a complaint.

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