Listed buildings

A listed building is one of special architectural or historic interest. You can still make changes to listed buildings but you will need special Listed Building Consent for any proposed works.  You can apply for this through the Planning Portal link. This consent ensures that the architectural or historic value is maintained while ensuring the building still functions for everyday life.

If a building is listed, it is listed in its entirety, this means the interior, exterior and any other structures on the land. You can find out more by visiting: Planning Portal, Listed Building guidance notes

There are three grades of listed building: Grade I, Grade II* and Grade II. Grade II is the most likely grade for a homeowner.

To find out more about listed buildings or to nominate a building for listing, visit: English Heritage, listed buildings

Making older homes energy efficient

English Heritage offers free information about the importance of energy efficiency and how to save money in older homes: English Heritage, how to save energy

Maintaining an older home or listed building

Listed below are information leaflets that have been prepared to help you maintain an older home or a listed building:

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