West Suffolk Council planning policy consultations

Due to an upgraded planning policy consultation system and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation we are no longer able to directly consult with you unless you have ‘opted in’ to planning topic(s).

You can update your details by logging in to your account at https://westsuffolk.oc2.uk/login  and selecting the topic(s) you wish to be notified on. If you have forgotten your login details please contact us on 01284 757368 or planning.policy@westsuffolk.gov.uk for assistance.

Local plans

The adopted and emerging Local Plans covering the former St Edmundsbury and Forest Heath areas (and all related policy documents, including guidance and SPD’s) will continue to apply to those parts of the West Suffolk Council area until a new Local Plan for West Suffolk is adopted.

This is currently scheduled for mid-2023. 

Forest Heath Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was adopted by the council on 12 May 2010, and now forms part of the overarching Local Plan for Forest Heath district. It sets out the vision, objectives, spatial strategy and key policies for the provision of new development in the District up to 2026 (with housing projections to 2031). The Core Strategy and supporting adoption documents are set out below:

Following a successful high court challenge, parts of CS7 were quashed. Consequential amendments were also made to policies CS1 and CS13.

The authority has resolved to revisit those parts of the core strategy that had been 'quashed', and undertake a 'single issue review', (SIR). This means that the Authority will follow the legislative processes and procedures from the first 'Issues and Options' consultation stage. Further progress on the SIR can be found on the core strategy policy CS7 single issue review page