Planning policies

This section explores the planning policies for West Suffolk covering Forest Heath District Council and St Edmundsbury Borough Council. Each local planning authority has to produce a Local Plan, which sets the long term planning and land use policies within their area.

To address future planning requirements it is necessary to undertake the following:

  • engage and consult with residents and statutory bodies
  • follow the guidelines of national policy
  • monitor
  • plan
  • research

This enables us to plan to deliver appropriate levels of homes, jobs, community or transport facilities, while protecting and enhancing the environment and character of the area, in order to provide an acceptable and sustainable quality of life for local residents.

In addition to Local Plans, supplementary planning documents (SPDs) and guidance are prepared to guide development. These include SPD's, masterplans, concept statements and development briefs.

Background policy evidence underpins the work of the strategic planning policy team. Supporting information, including statements of community involvement, local development schemes and authority monitoring reports (AMR) set out how the community will be consulted, the timeline for plan preparation and monitoring which is undertaken.

Guidance to support a community's preparation of a neighbourhood plan and neighbourhood development order is also available.

Section 106 and the community infrastructure levy (CIL) are mechanisms to ensure the appropriate infrastructure is provided as part of any application for development.