Local plans

The adopted and emerging Local Plans covering the St Edmundsbury area and Forest Heath area (and all related policy documents, including guidance and SPD’s) will continue to apply to those parts of the West Suffolk Council area until a new Local Plan for West Suffolk is adopted.

This is currently scheduled for mid-2023. 

West Suffolk Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA)

The Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) is an essential piece of evidence which is required to support the local plan process. It is a technical assessment which considers sites for housing and economic (for example retail, leisure, cultural, office, warehousing) development in the West Suffolk area over the plan period. The results of the SHELAA will inform the West Suffolk Local Plan preparation.

A SHELAA should:

  • identify sites and broad locations with the potential for development
  • assess their development potential, and
  • assess their suitability for development and the likelihood of development coming forward (the availability and achievability).

A draft SHELAA report will be published for public consultation in September 2019

Call for sites 2018 - now closed

Government requires local planning authorities to conduct a 'call for sites' exercise as a part of the preparation of the Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA).

The purpose of the 'call for sites' process is to identify potential sites that can be technically assessed for their suitability, availability and achievability (including viability) for housing and economic development to meet identified needs in West Suffolk.

This 'call for sites' gives you, the landowner, developer or agent, the opportunity to put forward sites which you would like us to consider as suitable for development for housing or economic use.

Please use the site submission form below to provide us with details of any sites you would like us to consider in the SHELAA.

Following the end of the 'call for sites' exercise the council will assess all of the sites put forward, in line with government requirements, to determine if they are suitable for inclusion in the West Suffolk SHELAA (2019).

Once all of the sites have been assessed we will carry out consultation on the draft SHELAA before publishing a final SHELAA document.

Please note - this is not an assessment of whether the sites will be allocated in the future West Suffolk Local Plan nor does inclusion in the SHELAA imply or grant any planning permission.

2016 SHLAA

Joint Forest Heath and St Edmundsbury Common Methodology (2015 Review)

For further information please contact planning.policy@westsuffolk.gov.uk