Waste planning guidance

The Waste planning guidance document developed by the Suffolk Waste Partnership gives detailed information on all aspects of waste management that need to be taken into account when planning new developments, conversions or changes of use to an existing building. All waste authorities in Suffolk have worked together to develop this guidance, so it is applicable wherever your development is happening in the county.

West Suffolk’s policy is that bin provision is the responsibility of the developer. We can work with developers to provide bins at a discounted rate or give you the specification for you to source your own.

Further information on the capacity of bins, acceptable storage and other useful information is available in the document. Please contact the waste management department if you have any further questions.

The waste guide has been created for residents who would like a concise document about how to deal with unwanted items that are no longer needed. Landlords, housing associations and estate agents are strongly encouraged to include this document in their 'Residents welcome pack'. The document is designed to work both electronically and on paper too, so can be sent by email or printed out depending on the requirements. It meets the accessibility criteria to reach as many people as possible.

It includes information about:

  • recycling and general waste bins
  • garden waste collection service
  • presentation and storage of wheeled refuse bins
  • bring banks
  • charity shops and recycling centres
  • bulky waste collection service
  • waste reduction campaigns
  • volunteering opportunities

Please check our When are my bins emptied page for the latest updates on collections as these can be subject to updates.