What residents associations do

A residents' association is a group of people who live in a particular area, this could be an estate, village, area of town or anywhere that feels like a neighbourhood to those who live there. Residents' associations are sometimes called area, tenants or ward associations (depending on where they cover).

Membership of residents' associations is usually open to everyone who lives in that area and they normally have a committee of a few people who arrange meetings, look after any money the association might raise and often lead on projects and links with other organisations and individuals, for example local councillors.

Residents associations can also do things including:

  • campaigning and raising funds for local improvements and facilities, play areas for example
  • campaigning about issues that local people feel strongly about, such as loss of local facilities or speeding
  • working with local authorities, including councils and the police and fire services to find solutions to local problems
  • organising community activities such as speed watch or litter picks
  • organising community events such as family fun days
  • consulting on local issues, such as building developments, changes to green spaces and improvements to facilities

Residents associations in west Suffolk

There are many residents associations across west Suffolk. If you would like to find your nearest one or discuss setting one up contact your Families and Communities Officer for the area in which you live and they will be able to link you up.

How to get involved

Residents' associations welcome everyone to their regular meetings, so you can just find out when and where they are happening and go along. Many also have Facebook pages and/or websites where you can get involved and participate in discussions about what matters to you and your neighbours.

Many residents' associations also welcome people who would like to volunteer locally, so do ask your local association if you have a few spare hours you’d like to use to benefit your local community.

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