How we can help

Families and communities officers

Our team of dedicated families and communities officers cover the whole of West Suffolk and can help people wishing to make a difference in their communities in many different ways, including help to:

  • Identify projects and activities – what in your community do people care enough about to do something about?
  • set up a group or project by providing advice and information
  • build on your strengths and confidence and help you to identify and make the most of the assets in your community
  • link you with other groups, individuals or organisations to share experiences and expertise
  • work with your local councillor if you don’t already do so and helping communities have a voice that’s listened to
  • look for sources of funding, if your activity needs money
  • find the people you need to talk to to answer your questions, whether that is a council department or a specialist advisor
  • access data and information to support your cause
  • arrange public consultations
  • publicise your activities and successes

Each families and communities officer works in a specific area or locality. To find out who your locality officer is and how to contact them, please use this Families and Communities ward map. Alternatively email

Each families and communities officer also has a specialism, which is an area of work relating to a specific group of people or activities that they lead on across the west Suffolk area. These include: grants, families, young people, vulnerable groups, arts and heritage, antisocial behaviour, community safety and health and wellbeing. Through these specialisms, our officers have specific knowledge and experience which they use to support the team, councillors and communities. To access these specialisms contact your locality officer, who will involve another colleague if required.

Community grants

To find out about West Suffolk Council's grants that are available to community groups and organisations please visit our Community grants page.

Your councillor

Your councillor has been elected by people in your area (or ward) to represent the views, issues and assets of the area in the council’s decision-making processes. Councillors do a lot more besides this, and always want to hear from and get involved in their communities.

Depending on how many people live in each ward, there will be one, two or three councillors. To find out who your councillor(s) are and how to contact them, please visit our Councillors and meetings page.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about the work of the Families and Communities team or any other services provided by West Suffolk Council, contact your locality families and communities officer by emailing

Read more about Our approach to working with families and communities

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