Street naming and numbering properties

A high standard in street naming and the naming or numbering of properties is essential, as it allows:     

  • emergency services to find a property quickly
  • mail to be delivered efficiently      
  • visitors to easily find a location      
  • all council departments to work from one official address database

Street naming and numbering procedure

The Public Health Act 1925 (sections 17 to 19) places a statutory obligation on councils to supply and maintain correct addressing for every street within the authority. All names and numbers are issued in accordance with our street naming and numbering procedure which establishes the rules around the processing of:      

  • naming of a new street      
  • naming and numbering new properties     
  • renumbering or renaming existing properties       
  • renaming existing streets

All elements of an address except the postcode and postal town are defined by West Suffolk Council. Royal Mail will assign a postcode only when the council has notified them of the official address. There is a charge for the non-statutory provision of our service, for information please see our schedule of charges

Apply for street naming and numbering

To apply for street naming and numbering please use the application form below:

What happens once we have received your application?

Once we have received your application we will:

  • check to ensure that the proposed names are not already in use in the same postcode area      
  • allocate new postal addresses as appropriate      
  • request postcodes from Royal Mail      
  • notify Royal Mail, the emergency services, Ordnance Survey, Valuation Office Agency and internal council departments      
  • send a confirmation of the official postal address to the applicant
  • Land Registry will be notified however you will need to contact them to ensure their records are updated

Damaged or missing street name plates

To report a missing or damaged street name plate, call Facilities Management on 01284 757088 or email  attaching a photograph of the damaged sign to help us assess the damage and to show the location.

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