We administer and process statutory licences, permits and registrations in a number of areas including alcohol and entertainment, gambling, hackney carriage and private hire taxis, skin piercing, tattooing and acupuncture and a number of licences relating to animal welfare.

The council's Licensing and Regulatory Committee holds responsibility for the licensing function and enforcement of legislation and the specific conditions for licences. The committee holds hearings for licensing applications when required.

Parish and town councils may submit representations concerning an application for a licence. Objections, (for example about a premises licence for the sale of alcohol and provision of entertainment) may be considered if it is felt that the application does not support the four licensing objectives which are:              

  • the prevention of crime and disorder         
  • the prevention of public nuisance         
  • public safety      
  • the protection of children from harm.

We can offer advice to parish and town councils on how to make a valid representation against a premises application and assist with understanding the approval process.

You can find a list of licences in your parish from our public licensing registers which you can find in our Licensing section

Parish and town councils may require a licence to hold an event. It is always best to check if you need a licence by visiting, licence-finder. More detailed queries can be answered by the Licensing Team.

The Safety Advisory Group also advises and provides recommendations to assist organisers to deliver safe events, for example, a fireworks display or a concert. The group provides one stop for police, fire and ambulance as well as council services. Please contact the Licensing Team for advice.