Street cleaning

We are responsible for cleaning and maintaining public spaces, ensuring that they are clear of litter and are well kept. We have regular street cleaning schedules and maintain a good level of cleanliness and hygiene.  Occasionally, the change in seasons creates additional demands on our service; this may mean that street cleaning schedules are temporarily adjusted to meet these demands. If you have any concerns, please contact customer services.

Waste management

We also provide an extensive range of high quality, efficient waste and street cleaning services to a significant number of public and private sector customers throughout West Suffolk. With an unrivalled reputation for reliability, customer service and local accountability, we can provide a complete facilities management service incorporating:

  • mechanical sweeping: we can sweep the exterior of your premises, car park, frontage and foot paths on a regular basis or for a one off occasion
  • skip service: our skip service can be tailored to provide a collection service for all your waste streams, our skips vary in size from 8 cubic yards to 18 cubic yards.        
  • gully emptying: to prevent flooding on your properties, we can clean and empty your drains and gullies on a regular basis        
  • waste and recycling collection: we can offer a waste management and collection service to help you manage your waste streams including:
    • recycling of a range of materials such as glass, wood, cardboard, paper, metal, plastic  
    • advice and assistance on waste options and legislation, audits and training
    • composting of organic waste
    • waste disposal for all waste types

For more information contact our Commercial Services team.