Self-build and custom house building register

We have a register of individuals and associations of individuals who are seeking to acquire serviced plots of land in the West Suffolk area. All local authorities are required by the Self-build and Custom house building Act 2015 to have a register.

The register helps us gauge the level of demand for self-build and custom house building in the area.

We look for opportunities for self-build in the area. If we know of any plots we will let those on the register know about them.

The information also helps us to bring together potential self or custom builders who want to build homes in the same area and to put them in touch with landowners, developers, land agents or other appropriate groups.

Registration does not guarantee that a suitable plot will be identified but it means we know who is interested if and when land becomes available.

The table below shows the number of people added to the register for each base period and the number of planning permissions granted three years from the end of each base period.

Base period Base period years Number of registrations Number of planning permissions granted at end of three year period
1 2015-16 7 3 (30 October 2019)
2 2016-17 10 0 (30 October 2020)
3 2017-18 15 0 (30 October 2021)
4 2018-19 24  
5 2019-20 26  
6 2020-21 41  
7 2021-22 17 (as of 21 March 2022)  

About self-build and custom house building projects

Self-build and custom build housing can happen in a number of ways, from building a single house to larger developments.

Individual self-build or custom plot

An individual purchases a plot of land and builds a house to live in. They can manage the construction process and build the house themselves or they can employ a builder, architect and in some cases a project manager to oversee the build.

Group custom build

A group of people come together to design and develop a custom build housing development which they then live in. They may build this themselves or with help from a developer to manage the project.

Developer led build

Developers with large sites divide them it into single plots and offer a design and build service to the purchaser.  This gives people a chance to tailor existing house designs to suit their preference and needs. This can sometimes offer a chance to finish the house yourself internally.


A cohousing project involves a constituted group of people creating their own neighbourhood of homes, with shared facilities such as a communal house. A community ethos is at the heart of this type of housing.


The Government has set the rules about who can register. The same rules apply in all local authority areas. An individual is eligible for entry on the register if that individual is:

  • aged 18 or over, and
  • a British citizen, a national of an EEA State other than the United Kingdom, or a national of Switzerland
  • seeking (either alone or with others) to acquire a serviced plot of land in the relevant authority’s area to build a house to occupy as that individuals sole or main residence.

If the applicant is a group or an association, each member must fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Registering your interest

We and are working to provide a register of people interested in custom and self-build properties, so we can identify the number and location of plots of land required.

You can apply as an individual or as an association.

An association is a group of individuals including a body corporate that exercises functions on behalf of an association. Each member of the association is required to complete an association registration form.

If you are a couple or members of the same household wishing to build a single home, you only need to fill in one individual registration form in the name of one person.

If you would like to register your interest for a self-build or custom house building plot please complete the Custom or self-build registration questionnaire

More information

If you have any further queries about the registration, please contact us by email