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24 October 2023

Sizzling News: Newmarket Sausage Festival Returns for the Second Year

The Newmarket Sausage Festival is back on Saturday 4 November after its successful launch last year, hosted by Discover Newmarket and West Suffolk Council.

23 October 2023

Praise pours in for Suffolk’s storm stars

Praise is being heaped on Suffolk residents, farmers, 4x4 owners, volunteers, blue light responders, teachers and council staff for the way they dealt with the floods caused by Storm Babet.

19 October 2023

Safety concerns for bus passengers leads to waiting room closure

Safety concerns for bus passengers, after months of violence and antisocial behaviour at a bus station waiting room, has led to an announcement of its closure.

19 October 2023

West Suffolk Council scores in top 10 on environmental action

West Suffolk Council  has been scored in the top 10 places for district councils in the country for climate actions, according to a leading climate change organisation.

17 October 2023

Banksy and co help bring Mutiny success across West Suffolk

A modern art exhibition, featuring Banksy and other renowned artists, was seen by more than 23,000 people.

16 October 2023

Market signs take it up a gear

Quirky new signs to promote the West Suffolk Markets have wheeled into towns across the district.

16 October 2023

First call on £1 million decarbonisation fund rolled out

A £1 million fund has been launched in West Suffolk to help community organisations reduce their carbon emissions and make energy savings.

16 October 2023

Council is helping more households threatened with homelessness

The impact of the cost-of-living crisis has seen an increase in the number of people and families being helped after being threatened with homelessness in West Suffolk.

12 October 2023

Rail Investment to benefit West Suffolk residents

West Suffolk should benefit from the Government’s Network North transport plan including more trains connecting to Bury St Edmunds and less lorries on the A14.

9 October 2023

The force is strong with our next exhibition

The force behind one of the UK’s largest exhibitions of contemporary art this year, will celebrate some of the biggest names in science fiction later this month.